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Shrek the Musical Jr MTOC Cast List

A HUGE thank you to all who put themselves out there for this audition. We are so excited to get this production started, and what a FUN show for us to have ready for Summer....

It is MANDATORY that you respond either way if you accept or decline your role to by 9pm (March 29), and we will see you next week at the cast/parent meeting.

Our amazing cast is as follows;

(this looks best on a computer vs phone)

Shrek JR logo with bug.jpg

ROLE             /           CAST MEMBER

Storyteller  _____________________ Olivia Kenney


Storyteller ______________________ Ashley Kosonen


Storyteller ______________________ Molly Wellen


Mama Ogre _____________________ Tayler Peterson


Papa Ogre ______________________  Adam Uriarte


Little Ogre ______________________ Megan Chan


Shrek ____________________________ Brendan Knox


Captain of the Guard _________ Addison Blythe


Pinocchio _______________________ Nolie Swire


Big Bad Wolf ____________________ Hayley Swire


Pig 1 _____________________________ Malia Chisick


Pig 2 _____________________________ Ellie Lynch


Pig 3 _____________________________ Natalie Sand


Wicked Witch __________________ Abigail Braun


Peter Pan _______________________ Cossette McCulloch


Ugly Duckling __________________ Selah Garcia


Mama Bear _____________________ Janai Bryant


Papa Bear ______________________ Matthew Chan


Baby Bear_______________________ Amelie Zazik


Donkey __________________________ Izzy Lazzarinetti


Lord Farquaad _________________ Max Zazik 


Gingy ____________________________ Raven Hale


Young Fiona / Fairytale Creature _ Erin Choi


Teen Fiona ______________________ Sydney Ruderman


Princess Fiona __________________ Casey Williams


Knights __________________________ Tayler Peterson, Sydney   Ruderman, Ellie Lynch,  Hayley Swire.


Dragon __________________________  Janai Bryant


Pied Piper (tapper) ____________ Addison Blythe


Rats (tappers)___________________ Malia Chisick, Ashley Kosonen, Molly Wellen


Bishop / Fairytale Creature __ Matthew Chan


Dwarf / Fairytale Creature ___ Megan Chan

Duloc Citizens __________________ Tayler Peterson, Olivia Kenney, Ashley Kosonen, Molly Wellen

Various additional ensemble roles will be cast during rehearsals.


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