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A very humble


to all of our incredible supporters


The Klein Family Foundation

PLATINUM  $1,000+ 

The Disneyland Resort

CaitlinCaitlin Guyan - Disney VoluntEAR 
Britany Callahan - Disney VoluntEAR 
Luke Callahan - Disney VoluntEAR
Nick Vanhouten - Disney VoluntEAR
Brian Sandahl - Disney VoluntEAR
Joshua Miller - Disney VoluntEAR 
Mike Montero - Disney VoluntEAR 
Brad Kaye - Disney VoluntEAR 
David Oldfield - Disney VoluntEAR 
Sandy Doerr - Disney VoluntEAR
Nola Jackson - Disney VoluntEAR  
Felix Lighting / Roger Pullis
SoCal Laminating (storage)
Klein Consulting 
The Davert Family
Paulie Jenkins & Ted Carlsson
California Stage & Lighting 
OC Mart Mix (rehearsal space)
Apex Audio / Dave Fishbein

The McKenzie Family

Davert Law

Chisick Family

Jones-Lachance, A Professional Law Corp

Ruderman Family

Nadel Family


GOLD  $500 - 999

Kirk Kusano - Disney VoluntEAR
Andrew Law - Disney VoluntEAR 
Ben Tusher & Caitlin Guyan
Advanced Image Direct 
H.D. Smith 
Wells Fargo Bank
David & Doreen Barsky
Alex Lazzarinetti

Dan Carrier

Randy Miller

Hale Family

Wood Family

SILVER  $250-499

The Arnold Family
The Mitchell Family
The Swan Family 
Helen and Jeff Miller
The Glasgow Family 
Southern California Gas Company 

David and Dawn Mee

Benjamin and Bridgette Johnson

Deanna Parks

Grant Aspland

BRONZE  $100-249

Sharlane Blakeley
Dave Froberg- Disney VoluntEAR 
Angela DiMartino - Disney VoluntEAR
Zackery Glass - Disney VoluntEAR
Eric and Adele Ray
Matt Conover
The Jones Family

Elene Campbell

Gentry Kleier

Catherine Dickens

Ellen and Glenn Erath

Christopher Martin

Stuart Pompel

Tamara Rickerts

Randi and Jeff Rotjan/Chabot

Linda Ramos/Ramos Entertainment

Matt Knox

Candace Ham

Laura Massaglia

Wellen Family

It is our intent to show our thanks to everyone that has helped us throughout the years to continue to bring (and keep) the arts to Orange County. If we have missed anyone, please accept our sincere apologies and eternal gratitude.  




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