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The Klein Family Foundation 
The Disneyland Resort 
Caitlin Guyan - Disney VoluntEAR 
Britany Callahan - Disney VoluntEAR 
Luke Callahan - Disney VoluntEAR
Nick Vanhouten - Disney VoluntEAR
Brian Sandahl - Disney VoluntEAR
Joshua Miller - Disney VoluntEAR
Matthew Cotter - Disney VoluntEAR 
Mike Montero - Disney VoluntEAR 
Brad Kaye - Disney VoluntEAR 
David Oldfield - Disney VoluntEAR 
Sandy Doerr - Disney VoluntEAR
Nola Jackson - Disney VoluntEar  
Felix Lighting / Roger Pullis
SoCal Laminating (storage)
Klein Consulting 
The Davert Family
Paulie Jenkins & Ted Carlsson
Matthew Cotter
California Stage & Lighting 
OC Mart Mix (rehearsal space)
Apex Audio / Dave Fishbein The McKenzie Family

Kirk Kusano - Disney VoluntEAR
Andrew Law - Disney VoluntEAR 
Ben Tusher & Caitlin Guyan
Advanced Image Direct 
H.D. Smith 
Wells Fargo Bank
David & Doreen Barsky
Alex Lazzarinetti

The Arnold Family
The Mitchell Family
The Swan Family 
Helen and Jeff Miller
The Glasgow Family 
Southern California Gas Company 

Sharlane Blakeley
Dave Froberg- Disney VoluntEAR 
Angela DiMartino - Disney VoluntEAR
Zackery Glass - Disney VoluntEAR
Eric and Adele Ray
Matt Conover
The Jones Family